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Emergency Info Online, Fourth Edition

A resource directory for emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and accessible communications

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The U.S. Department of Labor

A. General Information

The Department of Labor (DOL) administers a variety of Federal labor laws, including those that guarantee workers' rights to safe and healthful working conditions. The Department of Labor has taken a pro-active approach to Emergency Management for its employees and for the communities that it serves across the nation.

The DOL website

B. The Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

The Office of Emergency Management was established to ensure that the Department of Labor is prepared for catastrophes - whether natural or man-made. The Office of Emergency Management draws upon the Department of Labor's resources, which have a crucial role in supporting and aiding the nation's recovery from emergency situations, through a comprehensive, emergency management program of preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery.

More information on the OEM

C. The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)

In 2001 the U.S. Department of Labor instituted The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) to ensure that people with disabilities are fully integrated into the 21st Century workforce. The Office of Disability Employment Policy provides national leadership by developing and influencing disability-related employment policy as well as practice affecting the employment of people with disabilities. For the past few years ODEP has been striving to initiate change in the area of workplace emergency preparedness. In December 2003, ODEP convened the pioneer "Seminar of Exchange" for federal managers and issued a subsequent Summary Report. This seminar dealt specifically with the topic of emergency preparedness and people with disabilities. Participants included over 200 representatives from 90 Federal agencies and offices. Nationally recognized experts informed and facilitated the exchange of insights.

Access the ODEP Report

D. ODEP Website

The Department of Labor's ODEP also maintains an informative website called Emergency Preparedness and People with Disabilities. It provides a set of guides for handling emergencies that can occur in the workplace. It also features a list of emergency preparedness resources for people with disabilities.

Visit the ODEP website for more information

E. Department of Labor Accessibility Resources

This heading contains additional information regarding the Department of Labor and accessibility. It may also contain content that can be found elsewhere on this site. These accessibility resources have been gathered together, in this separate section, to provide easy availability to those for whom accessibility is a foremost concern.

  1. Job Accommodation Network

    ODEP's free consulting service designed to increase the employment prospects of people with disabilities by providing individualized worksite accommodation solutions; providing technical assistance regarding disability related legislation; and providing education about self-employment options.

  2. Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities, An Interagency Seminar of Exchange for Federal Managers: Video Library

    Video highlights of the momentous 2004 Seminar which brought together over 200 representatives from 90 Federal agencies and offices, in order to exchange insights and ideas regarding emergency preparedness for people with disabilities.

  3. Effective Emergency Preparedness Planning: Addressing the Needs of Employees with Disabilities

    The Department of Labor's 2005 webpage that explores the issue of emergency preparedness for those with disabilities in the work force.

  4. Preparing the Workplace for Everyone: Accounting for the Needs of People with Disabilities

    The Office of Disability Employment Policy's extensive 2005 report which is a framework of emergency preparedness guidelines for federal agencies.

  5. Employers' Guide to Including Employees With Disabilities in Emergency Evacuation Plans

    The Job Accommodation Network's website containing information about the legal obligation of employers to develop emergency evacuation plans and how to include employees with disabilities in such plans. This publication addresses:

    • Legal requirements
    • Steps for including employees with disabilities in emergency evacuation planning.
    • Plan development, implementation, and maintenance.


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